Sunday 13 November 2005 Urban violence again. Many newspapers are betting on the return to calm. But that does not mean it’s all over, far from it … may be found in the newspapers several analyzes on inequality and also the decision to institute learning Villepin to 14 years. Le Monde also offers an interesting reflection on the role of the media deal with urban violence. I also advise, on the same subject, to consult the last two numbers of the show "Still Images" "France 5 Good Read ————— … ——————————- Liberation of 11/11 and 12/11/05 rabies cities declined in the feminine ( 11/11/05) in the heart of the inner city, many young women support the riots. At Montfermeil, they tell their galley every day. Read more of the article At school inequalities (11/11/05) by Michel BUCKET Latest book: the 2006 shock (Odile Jacob). Despite the Republican contract, social climbing by academic merit remains down. […] The ghettoisation of French society from above, raised by Eric Maurin, led the different social classes to live among themselves, to group together in the same neighborhoods. In this context of urban apartheid, the school map which intended promote a social mix produces exactly the opposite. Read more of the article Learning to 14 years, the risk "youth" (11/11/05) by Jean-Pierre Chatillon Nobody believes in the interest of the measure proposed by Villepin, who also proves that dangerous unachievable. Read more of the article Paris, the "young" under surveillance (12/11/05) The Police Commissioner has banned for a period of 22 hours while gathering "to cause the disorder," as part of emergency state. Read more of the article Go to succeed, the dilemma of the people of the towns If some of them consider themselves forced to leave their neighborhood to integrate, others assure that we can stay there or return affection and solidarity. Read more of the article LISTEN • With Gilles de Robien up the morale of his troops (10/11/11) On Thursday morning, the Minister of Education visited in Yvelines leisure center will host Monday students a mother burned • the opportunity to tell teachers all the good he thinks of them • Read more of the article Profs skeptical about Villepin measure (09/11/05) Even if they find that college is not suitable, they do not approve of the job 14 years. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro, 11/11 and 12/11/05 When parents quit Many of the rioters are minors whose parents have often waived. Read more of the article A high school student from La Courneuve: "It puts us all in the same bag!" Whether or not they participated in the riots, the Seine-Saint-Denis of high school students say they are "solidarity" of the authors of violence. Read more of the article More blacks among rioters Children of African, increasingly numerous, multiple handicaps that promote entry into delinquency. Read more of the article A new public agency must meet the challenge of equal opportunities This future-stop must bring together the scattered state services. His challenge: all access to the labor market. Read more of the article Urban violence, the heart and raisonPar Olivier Berranger ,, Bishop of Saint-Denis Heart and reason: two seemingly contradictory prism to gauge the crisis neighborhoods. My contacts with the Christians living there confirmed me in the belief that separate one from the other would be to miss the challenges of the day. Read more of the article Rites of "naughty" or rites of passage By Fabrice Hervieu-Wane freelance journalist, has published a compass for life. The new rites of passage, Albin Michel, Paris, 2005. The burning suburbs like of course to a social alarm. But it would be a shame not to read between the lines. Among these young disadvantaged areas behind the will to fight is hiding dream sew better their lives. Read more of the article "I burn, therefore I exist, and that’s enough" By Nikos Aliagas should take care not to reduce urban violence in recent days to a simple case of people. Behind exacerbated feelings and vandalism of these young people, there is the sad photo finish of a lost generation. A generation mired in a no man’s cultural land and identity, a generation sometimes ignored or recovered by political, sometimes pointed at and designated as responsible for all the ills of the area by the extremists, young people on edge that attempt recover improbable religious preachers. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 11/11 and 12/11/05 a France abandoned Nothing has really changed. The second report of the Observatory of Sensitive Urban Zones (ZUS), published October 24, confirms the previous: the differences between the ZUS and other urban areas remain acute. Socioeconomic indicators of the 751 affected districts are again this year all red, even as unemployment tends to increase. Twenty years after the establishment of the first tools of urban policy, the situation is to fail. Read more of the article What opportunities to revolt? Interview. Sociologist Gerard Mauger, despair is not inevitable. Everything is a matter of political mobilization. Read more of the article Free Trade Like many young people, many of our correspondents live in what is now known as the urban peripheries. Peripheries have become these days as many theaters of a suicidal explosion of violence. It was natural they send us their reactions and comments. Sometimes sympathetic, sometimes less, they all share some vis-a-vis empathy despair of these suburbs. But all refused to yield to blind fury and against-productive. Read more of the article outcry against learning from fourteen First "priority" measures announced Monday by Dominique de Villepin and supposed to solve basic problems: education. In this part, a reform is particularly noteworthy: the opportunity for students to integrate learning pathways at fourteen, not sixteen as today. Described as "revolutionary" by the entourage of the Prime Minister, this measure is fraught with meaning is: it means nothing less than the end of the single college of compulsory education up to sixteen years (a new law will necessary), and requires it to modify the labor Code! But this measure is challenged by all: teachers, parents, business leaders … Read More Article ——————— ——————————- Le Parisien on 11/11 and 12/11/05 (paying) Quiet very precarious sensitive neighborhoods Despite the relative lull in the cities and numerous calls for calm, the tension is still strong. The police are more than ever on the alert in Lyons where the curfew was decided and Paris. Read more of the article Sarkozy pushed on the Champs Elysees VISIT last night of Nicolas Sarkozy, interior minister, the "most beautiful avenue in the world" turned twice to the full scramble under the eye amazed tourists. "Sarkozy, resignation" shouted several voices. "It is the bastard … Read More Article ———————————- ————– the Cross of 11/11 and 12/11/05 the cultural poverty, violence soil Educators, social and cultural actors detect in the radicalization of young commuter frustration social that is expressed through violence Read More Article ——————————— ————— 20 minutes from 11/11 and 12/11/05 No "20 minutes" this weekend ————- ———————————— West France 11/11 and 12/11/05 " fifteen days which seemed to me six months "Eric Raoult, mayor of Raincy, UMP deputy from Seine-Saint-Denis, recounts his days, his nights. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 11/11 and 12/11/05 Emmanuel Todd: "Nothing separates the children of immigrants from the rest of society" It is very disturbing to see burning cars, buses and kindergartens. And things can still degenerate. Still, I look for a rather optimistic interpretation of what happened. I’m not talking about the situation of the suburbs, which is disastrous places, with unemployment rate of 35% of heads of households and ethnic discrimination in hiring. But I see nothing in the events themselves that radically separates the children of immigrants from the rest of French society. I see the exact opposite. I interpret the events as a rejection of marginalization. All this would not have happened if these children of immigrants had not internalized some of the core values ??of French society, including, for example, the couple liberty-equality. As for others, the police led by the government, local authorities, non-immigrant population, I saw exasperation perhaps, but not rejected outright. Read more of the article The violence continues in the country, the center of Lyon banned gatherings are violence continued during the weekend in the suburbs in France, proving that the crisis is far from resolved after 17 days disorders, although incidents have not won Paris as feared the police. […] in Lyon, the third largest city, clashed late Saturday afternoon in downtown forces order and several dozen young. Sunday gatherings were therefore prohibited Sunday in the town center by the prefect of the Rhone, as in Paris, where the ban ran until 8 am Sunday. Read more of the article suburbs crisis challenges the practice of journalism How to journalism in the suburbs affected by violence? How to report events without aggravating the situation or minimize the facts? How to avoid attempts at manipulation and political pressure? These questions run through the entire print and broadcast media since the violence began. […] Read more of the article Urban violence. The words to say The phrase is the "one" of the press, without quotes. It does not yet belong to the usual vocabulary doing assignment
, but was invented by the police. She points since 1988 the 10th General Information section of the Paris Police Prefecture (RGPP). The appearance of the term in the media dates back fifteen years […] Read more of the article TO THE EDITOR OF THE "WORLD" Yves Bordenave, 48, see the company service Kessous Mustapha, 26 , independent journalist, and Jean-Michel Turpin, 45, a freelance photographer, investigated together in Aubervilliers for Le Monde. Read more of the article This Minister is a strict father, Dominique Dhombres icolas Sarkozy is not ready, but then not at all, to make amends. It is in no way an excuse to have pronounced the word angry, scum. He repeated ad nauseam, that word with connotations, Thursday, November 10, on France 2. He even added him to not let the lonely, a little sister and a big brother, and rotating boss. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur daily 11/11 and 12/11/05 gradual return to calm According to Director General of the national Police, "things could be normalized very quickly." The night of Saturday to Sunday was marked by a decline in vehicle fire with burned 374 cars against 502 the previous night. Read more of the article Begag: repression "not enough" The Minister for the Promotion of Equal Opportunities believes that "security response is not enough" to address the problems of the suburbs. "Young people need a social ladder as a CRS". Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————- a selection in dispatches of 11/11 and 12/11/05 "Michael" waits for the riots to resume "business" – "Michael" drags in the streets of Les Mureaux, poor suburb of Paris. "I area, I walk, I am nothing." He says he expects the end of the riots to "re-continue" his "business". Read more of the article Challenged after a spray bottle of acid in the college toilet Two children under 15 were brought Friday before the Meaux tribunal for the explosion Thursday morning with a bottle of acid in Toilet their college in Coulommiers (Seine-et-Marne) in the presence of many students do we learned from a judicial source. Read more of the article UNL calls for mobilization for Ivorian schoolgirl schoolgirl National Union (UNL) has called on young people to mobilize for an Ivorian schoolgirl, threatened with expulsion, and gather Monday (12.30 pm ) before its establishment, the Paul Bert school (Paris XIV), requesting regularization, in a statement on Friday. Read more of the article Suspicious fire in Finistere college A suspicious fire destroyed the hall of Lesneven private college, in Finistere, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, but the mayor of the town refuses to connect this event to urban violence that agitate France for more than two weeks. Read more of the article 120 students face the symbolic places and the last witnesses of the Holocaust CAMP AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU (Poland) (AFP) – Jules Fainzang, a survivor of 83 years, 120 students accompanied the Nord-Pas -de-Calais on the premises Site symbol of the Holocaust, Auschwitz-Birkenau, for "they learn to live together as men, without racism and without anti-Semitism." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- for more Indispensable teaching coffee VousNousIls the site (Section dispatches education AFP) the home teachers-education AFP dispatches on the site the Yahoo News website under education Published by Watrelot to Sunday, November 13, 2005