When we get used to living without a mobile phone, not to feel home and engaged, it will be all downhill.”  Virginia Mihajlovic. Virginia Mihajlovic. Here, you will miss the pasta or boyfriend? Vir “I boyfriend, because I’m not a mangiona.

You …”. Vik “I eat as much as I should weigh 90 pounds, and rice, and coconut crabs will be tough, but I know that I will miss more Matteo.” We’ll talk later. Who will cry first?

Vik “I, unfortunately or fortunately I do not know I hold.” Vir “I! I cry even just listening to a song.” What do you envy your sister and what did you hate? Vir “I envy you the ability to read people, understand who has before. But I believe everything … But I do not like her jump out immediately: oddiooo”.

Vik “I envy the determination. If you want something get it. I change my mind all the time. You have everything under control, I zero.

But it is also very moody, adorable and in a moment hateful.” How come Daddy drops you from the sun? Vik “He’s jealous but now resigned himself. He tried to keep us when we were younger with the leash, then he realized that with me obtained the opposite and has dropped a bit ‘.” Vir “It seems hard, almost bad but it is actually very sensitive.

But Able to keep everything inside: Now for example, is agitated, is bad, but does not say. He’s jealous, but does not show it.” Virginia and Viktorija Mihajlovic. How have you convinced? Vir “He spoke with Mom and called someone from the TV.” It will not get mica called Berlusconi?

Vir “Maybe yes (laughs). But he reassured. It was advised: not to quarrel among ourselves (it would be a really bad shape) and not give up.” Vik “He also told us to be educated, to respond to those who were to be disrespectful but without losing the measurement.

And yes, not to give up. But we are tough as him.” And you are ready to promise him that you will do the good? Vir “And who feels the otherwise ?!”. Vik “How so? I sometimes I get angry and he will not be happy, but even so he did not? “. Viktorija and Virginia Mihajlovic with Sinisa dad, mom Arianna and other brothers Miroslav and Duvan Lately is freer than usual, you will always look: we have thought?

Vir “Yes. The touch. He only looks at the sport …. “And mother, as well as beautiful, how? Vir” It’s quiet, the tv she has done. He said: I this experience I do not miss it.

And it was the final push. “Vik” It is much more elastic dad, he sets the rules, she is my best friend. “Sports practiced? Vir” Nothing. I was tennis and she riding at a competitive level, we changed club and riding every time Dad changed team.

We left to study. “Vik” Periodically we enroll in the gym, we go every day for a week, then stop. “Last book you read? Vir” I do not read, I get bored. “Vik” Folly Patrick McGrath, I study psychology ” . What will you grow up? Vir “Something that has to do with fashion.” Vik “One month I want to be a journalist, the month after the singer, the other cook, I do not know.” favorite food?

Vik ” the lasagna Gabriella. “Vir” Grandma I junk food: biscuits, nutella, schnitzel and fries. “anyone can cook? Vir” After five months of four jumps in the pan, I learned to make risotto only porcini mushrooms for my boyfriend, but only having to go to the supermarket makes me anxious. “Vik” I love cooking: carbonara, amatriciana, lasagna almost like grandma. At Christmas I made it. “Last fight? Vir” Every day, every time I enter my room to steal clothes and overturns the closet.

I ordered, she loses everything a mess. “Vik does not deny. Full costume or bikini? Stiletto heels or sneakers? Vir” Full and stilettos. “Vik” Bikini and sneakers. We agree only on jeans. “ Viktorija Mihajlovic with boyfriend Matthew Tomassini.

Viktorija Mihajlovic with boyfriend Matthew Tomassini. What is offside? Vir” I’ve never understood. “Vik” When virtually the player opposing team is ahead in one part of the field, compared, wait …. Laughter. “the heart of the team and the best win. Vir” Inter and Lazio, dad’s teams.

The championship in Milan in 2007, according to Mancini. “Vik” Even the one with Lazio in 2000, when we took the field with him was beautiful. And the farewell game with his friends. “And when he loses instead it is? Vir” Intractable. You can not ask him anything, not even to pay you the right university. “Who is the daddy’s darling? Vik” I (laughs)!

My sister was born I had a year and I was very jealous, so I stuck to him. And when I said that I looked like my mom, I got angry a lot. “Vir confirmation. What’s life from the daughters of Mihajlovic?

Vik” Normal. Of course, when insulted him at the stadium was hard, made me cry. Or when I liked a boy and I had to change a city, it was ugly. “Vir” But eventually change schools and friends, taught us to be with others. “ Viktorija and Virginia in Dad’s arm to shield the party in Lazio Viktorija in 2000 and Virginia in dad’s arm to shield feast of Lazio in 2000 Chapter boyfriend. we know Alessandro Vogliacco, Juve defender on loan at Padova. What do you think the coach?

Vir “we met in Turin, was in Spring. It is serious and good. Dad looks at his matches, but does not give. Vik “My Matteo technical judgment” has a bar in Rome, surfing, have been together for six months, it gives me balance.

A father I presented two days ago, called it Matte, bookie promo codes he always gives of her, so it went well. “Indications pre-start for the boys? Vir” Do not go to the disco and do not let even a moment our little dog Carlotta. “Vik” poraccio, Matthew can go, but must be careful to people with whom he speaks. 85,000 “followers Intagram two, people you already know. but in return, you can not leave the house.

Vir “I hope so, because it will mean making a beautiful island.” Vik “she likes being the center, I do not: it could be a problem ….” tHE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Who or what would you hide in suitcase, being able? Vir “The phone. I do not fear moschitos, but sitting there without feeling my, Ale, my little brother. “Vik” I’d take Matthew and the lighter to start the fire. “Good trip, girls.

Dear Serena

March 11, 2019 – Milan Luciano Spalletti. Getty Apparently the whatsapp group to organize a match between friends. How many of us Thursday night? Not me, I was not invited. I can not, I’m sick or I can not enter.

And I even. Come on, come and help us? No excuse, I have another commitment. It will remain only eleven, plus the goalkeepers. And these eleven least a couple are not in perfect physical condition.

But here there is no room to maneuver, you can not go too subtle. And maybe it will be even more challenging to try to hit the quarter-finals, beating Eintracht, bad luck and all that it implies. Luciano Spalletti has put so in the return leg of the Europa League: only eleven players of movement available net of Spring, so a single reserve of the first team and list B will be looted to fill at least the bench.

Inter-Spal, report cards, “El toro” and Spalletti 7 situation – is the result of a Sunday that leaves its mark. Lets at least Brozovic and Miranda, which should be considered out of action for Thursday. The Brazilian suffered a compound fracture of the nose after a clash in the early game game with Petagna. He remained in the field until the end of the first half, then surrendered.

You needed the operation, for Eintracht is not talked about, is there any chance to see him available for the derby, perhaps with the aid of a protective mask. Even more complex the Brozovic speech. The Croatian has been blocked due to a muscle problem: the knot, in these cases, is to understand the presence or absence of a lesion. And first impressions are not very positive.

Checks will be carried out tomorrow, to exclude recovery for Europe and it is very difficult to imagine – even in case of positive tests – which for the derby Spalletti will have it available. solutions – Season the whole with Nainggolan – Today early work in the field, very small hopes here for Milan -, suspensions of Lautaro and Asamoah, the usual three off the list and it’s done. That’s why yesterday Spalletti let slip: “We will find solutions, we make the three-man defense, but must be made of ratings – said the coach -. Someone inevitably will go out of role. ” And thought can not not go to Škriniar, already with his national team has often played as a central midfielder. The options are not many out there, the passage is almost compulsory if Spalletti would confirm the midfield three, because in the role are only available Borja Valero and Vecino.